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    SubjectRe: i810 audio patch
    Doug Ledford wrote:

    > Probably not. Although I did change it back but then change it in
    > another way. Use the attached patch to back out those changes and let
    > me know if it works (for some reason, I doubt it).


    Your patch to i810_poll fixes the sleep of death. and with the rest of
    the patches in 0.07, select() works a lot better but still not perfectly.

    xmms+artsd is likely to play sound for quite a while, *until* I do
    something that causes another process to be scheduled, like click on the
    Mozilla window that's sitting in the background. At that point, it
    reverts to the behavior where select() doesn't return properly. And
    stays that way.

    this may be due to an output underrun... or i suppose lost interrupt is
    also possible.

    i think it might be wise to use
    get_available_read_data/get_free_write_space from i810_poll instead of
    dmabuf->count directly. i'll try this and see if it works...

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