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SubjectRe: Via82cxx chipset problem

Cheryl Homiak wrote:

> I tried this question on another list and was told not to try to change my
> mhz speed because I would corrupt my hard drive possibly. But does this
> mean I am actually running at only 33mhz.?

Your PCI bus is most probably running at 33 Mhz. As it is intended to
run at this speed. There's nothing wrong with that. The :
"ide: Assuming 33MHz system bus speed for PIO modes; override with
message is a warning that the PCI bus speed cannot be reliably detected.

For IDE PIO transfer modes the PCI bus speed is a reference which is
used by timers which regulate IO transfers. As some computers run the
PCI bus at other frequencies, mainly 25 and 30 MHz instead of 33 MHz
(for example: old ones with Pentium 75 (25MHz), 90, 120, 150 (30MHz)),
the idebus parameter is there to allow the timings to be fine-tuned for
these machines. Nothing to worry about.

Lionel Bouton

"I wanted to be free. I opensourced my whole DNA code" Gyver, 1999.

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