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SubjectRe: RFC: Linux Bug Tracking & Feature Tracking DB
>The advantage email has over this are too numerous to list,
>but they start with the fact that lots of kernel developers are
>lazy[*]. 2-3 keypresses to archive a patch for looking at later/merging
>are about the level of involvement thats aimed for.
>Having to start a browser, go to the bugzilla site, log in, search/browse
>for bugs etc.. way too involved.
>[*] In the sense that if life can be made easier, it should be.

That's a bit of apples and oranges ;)

Starting a browser is equivalent to starting a mail client. In some
instances it's the same program.

Hitting 2-3 keypresses to archive an do you manage that
archive v.s. it being managed for you w/ bugzilla?

Logging into bugzilla can be automatic, searching for a bug across the
archive is in my opinion much more easily done w/ a relational database
than grepping several mbox files that collect hundreds of messages a
day. Not to mention that comments on each bug are localized to -that-
bug. All said and done there are a lot of pros and cons from the newbie
v.s. the 'Linus' perspective. I think there is at least one or two
irate persons per week here that have been fighting to find a solution
to their problem and someone finally speaks up "oh yeah, do this".

It really would be nice to have a reference database -somewhere- where
we could find answers or even just suggestions about the myriad of
problems related to the kernel and what the kernel touches.


[*] RDBMSs do make my life much easier

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