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SubjectRe: RFC: Linux Bug Tracking & Feature Tracking DB
On Mon, 31 Dec 2001, David Ford wrote:

> Starting a browser is equivalent to starting a mail client. In some
> instances it's the same program.

keeping a terminal with ssh open all day is feasible (and is what I
and a lot of others probably do). Keeping mozilla open all day is
not practical. (and no, w3m/lynx etc are not practical for using
bugzilla imo).

> Hitting 2-3 keypresses to archive an do you manage that
> archive v.s. it being managed for you w/ bugzilla?

both mua's I use have comprehensive indexing/searching abilities.
s25<enter> saves a patch for applying later.

cat ~/25 | patch -p1 is all I need to do, plus I have an archive
of patches applied on what date, along with the descriptive mails
that went with them.


If a patch needs reversing, I load the mua, move the mail to another
folder, and do the same with patch -R


| Dave Jones.
| SuSE Labs

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