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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] fully preemptible kernel
    In linux-kernel, Heinz Diehl <> wrote:
    > On Wed Dec 26 2001, Steve Bergman wrote:
    > [Preempt-kernel patch for 2.4.17 final]
    > > I just compiled 2.4.17 with the patch from your site that looks to be
    > > for 2.4.17-final. Unfortunately, several modules (e.g. unix.o) fail on
    > > load with an undefined symbol error (preempt_schedule).
    > No problems here. Are you shure you built the kernel modules and they were
    > installed properly?

    It might be because you didn't do a 'make mrproper' on a kernel tree
    you've used before for a non-preempt build. As I understand it the
    preempt patch effectively makes your kernel SMP - this changes the
    architecture of the kernel so you need a 'make mrproper'.

    make mrproper deletes your .config file so save that first if you
    wanted it ;-)

    Also you need a seperate modules directory - the preempt modules
    aren't compatible with non-preempt. Edit the top level makefile and
    put a suffix in.

    BTW The preempt patch is working fine here too!
    Nick Craig-Wood
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