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SubjectRe: Bounce from
> > > Hello Andre,                                                      
> > > I already said you that my replies get not accepted by your email
> > > agents.
> > [...]

> > On Sunday 30 December 2001 03:33 am, Gérard Roudier wrote:
> > Now, aren't all these spam lists supposed to try and CONTACT the
> > providers to get the issue resolved before blacklisting them?

On Sun, Dec 30, 2001 at 08:11:31PM +0100, Stephan von Krawczynski wrote:
> Nope. My personal experience with these orbses is: f*ck them.
> A good lot of them are _not_ contacting blacklisted ISPs. But on the
> other hand, some at least allow fast _unlisting_.
> I give you the simple and well-thought hint _not_ to use a mail
> configuration relying on _external_ databases whatsoever. I mean why
> do you trust somebody you have never met or seen or maybe even talked
> to to _filter_ your email traffic. This is obviously most ridiculous
> and has _nothing_ to do with security.
> I mean just sit down and think it over for a minute...

Would you like to be cc'ed on my spam folder? 50 to 100 spams a day?
Try being a member of the internet since the darpanet days and having
1400 domains with your email address.

Not an easy task. At least in my country and specifically the
internet people are free to interact with others in the way they
find best.

Some people have spam filters, some don't.

Brian Litzinger <>

Copyright (c) 2001 By Brian Litzinger, All Rights Reserved
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