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SubjectRe: Why would a valid DVD show zero files on Linux?
On Mon, Dec 31, 2001 at 09:21:24AM -0500, Bryce Nesbitt <> wrote:
| Alan Cox wrote:
| > The autodetection is working. Your DVD has a UDF file system on it and a
| > blank iso9660 one.
| Understood. However, why can't that combination "just work"? Changing
| /etc/fstab every time I switch between sticking in a CD-ROM and DVD-ROM is not cool.
| Certainly that "other operating system" does not make me do that.

I do this via autofs, and just say /mnt/dvd when I want UDF and /mnt/cdrom
when I want a CDROM. It does depend on having my eyes open when I stick
the medium in the drive...

Of course, this merely bypasses the autodetection.
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