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SubjectKernel development model: DNA vs. ouija-board.
I've been following l-k at a respectful distance for more than
a year now, not because I'm capable of doing kernel development
but because the open-source phenomenon is truly fascinating to

I think I understand the Cathedral but the bazaar eludes me.
I'm amazed at the results and I thank all of you for all the
hard work you do. I enjoy the fruits of your labor every day.

Linus's Darwinian development model is interesting--but not
universally accepted as accurate by you people who are actually
doing the work.

I keep thinking about it, trying to figure something that might
work better.

Some object that the intelligent guidance found in this group has
no counterpart in the natural selection of species.

What about substituting the ouija-board for random selection?
A ouija board seems like something that might be found in a
bazaar, anyway.

For those that insist on a scientific explanation for the ouija
phenomenon, one can easily imagine that the direction of the
board is guided sub-conciously by those who can best adapt to
and understand the group's collective conciousness (to borrow
an annoying phrase from my college days).

Seems to me this model has room for both random noise and for
intelligent guidance--competing for dominance at all times,
and one predominating over the other at any given instant.

I'll be following along whether I understand the development
model or not--and I'll drink a toast to you all at midnight
tonight...a very happy and intelligently random New Year to you!

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