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SubjectRe: ramdisk corruption problems - was: RE: pivot_root and initrd kern el panic woes

On Sat, 29 Dec 2001, Andrew Morton wrote:

> > Breakage related to failing allocation is indeed not new, but
> > that's a long story. And no, "allocate on mmap()" is not a fix.
> Yup. But what *is* the fix? (filemap_nopage?)

For ->writepage() - nothing. It _is_ asynchronous and it _can_ fail.
Due to failing allocations, IO errors, whatever.

Now, the fs consistency stuff is a different story. Fixes had been
in -ac since before 2.4.0 and I distinctly remember at least one of
3 area getting synced with -linus. My fault - I assumed that the
whole patch went there at that point. I'll try to dig the rest out.

2.4.9-ac* is probably a good starting point - they are in generic_file_write()
and in __block_write_full_page()

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