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Subject[PATCH] drivers/video/mdacon.c
This patch is against linux-2417/drivers/video/mdacon.c to get 
non-Hercules MDA working. Actually it does nothing, than assume a non
Hercules-MDA is compatible to "normal" Hercules. The current behaviour
is something confussing...

The problem whith the current version is, if you have such a
non-Hercules MDA it will detected while booting the kernel and you see a
message like "MDA with 8k RAM detected". Unfortunatley this message is
printed, but your card will _not_ be initialized, is it not recognized
as Hercules-compatible. So you will see the boot-message (and assume it
is working), but nothing on your MDA-console/monitor. So we have to
change this. It would be correct, to modify mdacon.c to _not_ print a
message about detecting a MDA is it not Hercules-compatible. But as i
mentioned above, at least my card is detected as non-Hercules but seems
fully compatible. So I would prefer, to consider any detected
non-Hercules MDA as Hercules-compatible. Please note, there is also some
special detection of "HerculesPlus" and "HerculesColor" in mdacon.c.
Does anybody know about any non Hercules compatible MDA ?



--- drivers/video/mdacon.c.orig Sun Dec 30 02:44:25 2001
+++ drivers/video/mdacon.c Sun Dec 30 21:36:50 2001
@@ -24,6 +24,7 @@
* Changelog:
* Paul G. (03/2001) Fix mdacon= boot prompt to use __setup().
+ * 20011230 - consider non-Hercules MDA compatible

#include <linux/types.h>
@@ -291,6 +292,10 @@
+ else { /* consider non-Hercules as Hercules-compatible */
+ mda_type = TYPE_HERC;
+ mda_type_name = "Hercules compatible (hopefully)";
+ }

return 1;
@@ -342,9 +347,8 @@
return NULL;

- if (mda_type != TYPE_MDA) {
- mda_initialize();
- }
+ /* at this point, we found an MDA */
+ mda_initialize();

/* cursor looks ugly during boot-up, so turn it off */
mda_set_cursor(mda_vram_len - 1);
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