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SubjectSparc SS10 bootup problem

I'm trying to boot a freshly co'ed kernel (2.5.2-pre1) on a Sparc
SS10, but I'm facing some trouble:

boot: 1/boot/vmlinuz-2.5.2-pre1--01 console=ttya root=/dev/hda1 ro
PROMLIB: obio_ranges 5
Using /dev/ttya as console.
Fixup b f01e6fcc doesn't refer to a SETHI at f00156c0[900a20ff]
Program terminated
Type help for more information
<#0> ok

>From matching
f01e6fb8 d startup.1562
f01e6fcc D ___bs_smp_processor_id
f01e6fcc D ___btfixup_start
f01e9c30 D ___bs_load_current


f0015014 t inflate_fixed
f001518c t inflate_dynamic
f0015850 t inflate_block

What can I do there, and (more important:-) what's a SETHI at all?
I haven't got an Architecture Reference Manual handy...


Jan-Benedict Glaw . . +49-172-7608481
-- New APT-Proxy written in shell script --
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