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SubjectRe: Bounce from

On Sun, 30 Dec 2001, Nicholas Knight wrote:

> On Sunday 30 December 2001 03:33 am, Gérard Roudier wrote:
> > Hello Andre,
> >
> > I already said you that my replies get not accepted by your email
> > agents.
> >
> > If you want to post to an open list then you want to accept messages
> > from people subscribed to that list. Doing different is just
> > impoliteness.
> Andre isn't the only one that does this. It seems many people enjoy
> blocking people with access to only one smtp server. Esspecialy when
> that server is on a very small, isolated ISP, or an ISP that people
> just ASSUME is up to bad things.
> David Weinehall sent me a private email recently, to which I responded,
> but didn't go through because, oh wonder of wonders, the pocketinet
> smtp server is listed on A spam list, and an apparent alias,
>, is on two.
> Now, aren't all these spam lists supposed to try and CONTACT the
> providers to get the issue resolved before blacklisting them? I know
> for a fact that if someone had actually contacted pocketinet about the
> problem customer that sent spam, they would have taken care of it
> promptly. It's a very small ISP in a remote area of Washington State,
> and it's run by friendly and competent people.

I just tried the following email address: writing to -> spammer writing to -> spammer writing to -> accepted

So, it may look that '' is in some spam list.

Thanks for the reply,

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