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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Balanced Multi Queue Scheduler ...
Timothy Covell wrote:

>Ummm, on my Dual P-III (650MHz with 524988416 Bytes), my current Seti
>efficiency is 5.35 CpF. That's a tad high/slower than an Ultra Sparc IIi
>according to their stats. So, it would appear that being SMP is hurting my
>performance a bit. Unless that is that you meant to run a seti instance for
>each CPU? And this reminds me of how "make -j3 bzlilo" is slower than
>"make -j2 bzlilo".

On my 4-way ppro, make -j4 is much faster
than a simple "make" for kernel compilation.
Almost linearly so -

This is with recent 2.4.1x kernels BTW on
Red Hat 7.1/7.2

Sorry to hear of your bizzare experiences -
but then again, maybe you're running a
2.2.x kernel or something?



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