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SubjectRe: RFC: Linux Bug Tracking & Feature Tracking DB
On Sun, 30 Dec 2001, Stewart Smith wrote:

> Not really, bugzilla requires interaction from people to 'accept' a bug,
> and then fix it etc. I'm talking about just logging them. Instead of
> tracking 'things to fix', track 'things that were broken'.

it still requires some dumb^Wpoor sap to go in pruning them,
plus once it gets to a certain point, there will be dupes.
Oh boy will there be dupes. People will check for them first you say?
Some people are _still_ getting "Loop doesn't compile in 2.4.14"
Why search archives when you can be the 900th person to ask the
same question. Even Richard Gooch's page for showing whats wrong
with the current kernel and how to fix it to get it to compile
seems to be completly overlooked. Maybe if it were moved to people would see it ? *shrug*

> agreed, it's a pain in the arse. plus you can't do it on the road, or on
> the beach with a martini in hand lying next to a beautiful woman (or
> man, if u like 'em :) but I guess not many of us would be thinking of
> kernel code at a time like that.....

*grin* One of my favorite quotes :
"Holiday just means hacking from a different location" -- jgarzik ?


| Dave Jones.
| SuSE Labs

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