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SubjectRe: 2.4.16 freezed up with eepro100 module
Thus spake Andrey Savochkin:

> Do you see "can't fill rx buffer" messages?
> If so, then your load is too big, and memory management is incapable of
> freeing memory in time.
> Right now the kernel doesn't allow to increase atomic allocation
> reservation (which is a serious misfeature), so you need to hack and
> change the reservation in the kernel.

Yes, I saw a combination of the "can't fill rx buffer" messages and
"card reports no resources" messages, and after a while it went to
just a whole bunch (few hundred) of the "card reports no resources"
messages, which continued to scroll across the console at the rate of
one every second or so until I took down networking and removed the
eepro100 module.

> If the network doesn't come alive when you remove the load, it's a second
> problem, a bug in the driver. I've seen such reports, but they aren't
> frequent. On my computer, the driver resumes operations well.
> Why the driver can't do it for some people needs deep investigations.

After I removed the load, I gave it about 10 minutes or so to see if
it would pick back up, but it didn't.

Nathan Poznick <>
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