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SubjectRe: Linux/Pro [was Re: Coding style - a non-issue]
> On Sat, Dec 01, 2001 at 08:05:59PM -0300, Horst von Brand wrote:    
> > Just as Linus said, the development is shaped by its environment.
> Really? So then people should be designing for 128 CPU machines,
> So why is it that 100% of the SMP patches are incremental? Linux is

> following exactly the same path taken by every other OS, 1->2, then
> then 4->8, etc. By your logic, someone should be sitting down and
> here is how you get to 128. Other than myself, noone is doing that
> I'm not really a Linux kernel hack, so I don't count.
> So why is it that the development is just doing what has been done

Please Larry, have a look at the environment: nobody here owns a box
with 128 CPUs. Most of the people here take care of things they either
- own themselves
- have their hands own at work
- get paid for

You will not find _any_ match with 128 CPUs here.

_Obviously_ you are completely right if this were a company _building_
these boxes. Then your question is the right one, as they would get
paid for the job.
But this is a different environment. As long as you cannot buy these
boxes at some local store for a buck and a bit, you will have no
chance to find willing people for your approach. Therefore it is
absolutely clear, that it will (again) walk the line from 1,2,4,8 ...
CPUs, because the boxes will be available along this line.

I give you this advice: if you _really_ want to move something in this
area, find someone who should care about this specific topic, and has
the money _and_ the will to pay for development of critical GPL code
like this.
Take the _first_ step: create the environment. _Then_ people will come
and follow your direction.


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