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SubjectRe: ENTRY macro (coda maintainers please listen)
On Sun, Dec 02, 2001 at 09:52:32PM +0100, Pavel Machek wrote:
> linux/linkage.h includes macro "ENTRY(a)", while linux/coda_linux
> includes ... macro "ENTRY".

That could lead to a possible problem. We're just lucky that no file in
the Coda code has __ASSEMBLY__ defined.

> It would be good to rename one of them (they are probably not needed
> in one module, anyway, that's not clean)...

Actually all coda_XXX.h files don't even have to be in include/linux/,
only coda.h contains structs/defines that should be 'visible' outside of
the Coda kernel code, anything else should just go to fs/coda and get a
good dust off to remove a bunch of cruft.

> Oh and there's no entry for CODA in MAINTAINERS file. You probably
> want to fix that.

Gee, oh well. I didn't consider it 'critical bug-fixes only' or
important enough to push a patch for a maintainers entry into a stable
series, and obviously wasn't paying attention during 2.3 development.

Besides I've been sending you updates whenever something critical
changes in coda.o (considering you are using it for podfuk). I would
figure that of all people at least you would know.


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