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    SubjectRe: Coding style - a non-issue
    Horst von Brand wrote:

    > Have you got any idea how QA is done in closed environments?

    Yes I do. I write commercial sofware for 10 years and have
    experience with QA systems in two companies, one of them
    major. I think I have seen the full range of QA in various projects -
    from a complete negation to a silly buerocratic inefficient one.

    > Complex software *has* bugs, bugs which aren't apparent
    > except under unsusual circumstances are rarely found in the
    > first round of bug chasing.

    Sure. But we now have 2.4.16, not 2.4.0 and guess what? -
    there is a big thread about fs corruption going right now
    in the l-k :-( This should _not_ happen in the stab{le,ilizing}
    series and if it happened, the cause should be identified
    and measures taken.

    I for one think that the kernel has overgrown its current
    development model and that some _incremental_ steps
    in the direction of both more formal control and delegation
    of responsibilities are needed. I think that the most active
    kernel developers should discuss the future of the development
    model, as they are the only ones that can really come up
    with a solution.

    It is of course only my opinion - if I am alone having it, forget it.

    > > As a user of the vendor's kernel I have no idea what to do
    > > with a bug.
    > Report it to the vendor, through the documented channels?

    Did this. It is two months, I did some cornering of the problem
    and augmented the report several times. The issue is still NEW,
    without any response asking to try a patch, supply more details
    or such. Yes, this speaks more of the vendor than of the Linux.
    But what impression do you think the average user gets from
    such experience?


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