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Subjectpci: dev->driver "runtime" acquisition?

supposing i've got a "hotplug" style pci_driver,
but who's going to gain access to a device _not_ at initialization time,
i.e. not within pci_register_driver(), but rather somehere in a bottom
half. no pci_device_id* at pci_register_driver( ), since i don't
know the signature yet.

how do i request access here?
could anyone comment on the following please:

1. simple, but intrusive somehow:
if ( dev->driver == NULL )
dev->driver = my_driver;
is the locking correct?

2. rather use pci_announce_device()?
my_driver->id_table =
pci_announce_device( my_driver, dev );
/* probe() does the rest */

3. patch drivers/pci/pci.c?
pci_acquire_device( struct pci *dev, struct pci_driver *drv )
/* fill in 1. */

4. simply rely on the "compat", i.e. just taking over some resource?
i think that's not why it's been called "compat"

any better ideas? something i'm missing?
besides: policy? -- do i _have_ to pci_register_driver() at during
initialization before considering to actually drive something?

any help appreciated.



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