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SubjectRe: [Ext2-devel] [RFC] [PATCH] Clean up fs.h union for ext2
Oliver Xymoron wrote:
> > Minor nit: this is already done for the ext3 code, but it looks like:
> >
> > #define EXT3_I (&((inode)->u.ext3_i))
> >
> > We already have the EXT3_SB, so I thought I would be consistent with it:
> >
> > #define EXT3_SB (&((sb)->u.ext3_sb))
> >
> > Do people like the inline version better? Either way, I would like to make
> > the ext2 and ext3 codes more similar, rather than less.
> The ext3 macros are rather revolting, simply because they assume the
> variable name. A parameterized macro might be the best compromise:
> #define EXT2_I(i) (&(i->u.ext2_inode_info))

They _would_ be revolting, except Andreas mistyped :) We have:

#define EXT3_SB(sb) (&((sb)->u.ext3_sb))
#define EXT3_I(inode) (&((inode)->u.ext3_i))

(A number of the mm macros accidentally only work correctly if their
argument is called "page". Dunno if this is stil the case though).

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