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SubjectRe: zImage not supported for 2.2.20?
> Unfortunately, I need to use zImage on my Tecra.  I know that zImage is
> old, and I've heard that support for it will eventually be withdrawn, but I
> don't really have much alternative right now unless there is a patch which
> works around the Tecra's buggy A20 handling.

If your tecra is one with the problem early intel PCI chipsets the
documentation on the workaround is on the site if you feel
creative 8)

Basically the A20 handling for hardware caches on some of these early chips
was broken. There were real hardware fixes for new boards and a software
workaround for old ones is described in the errata docs for the chip.

> Does anyone know the status of zImage format in modern kernels?
> Is it _supposed_ to be supported under 2.2.recent? How about 2.4.recent?

It works for me. It is meant to work

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