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SubjectRe: UML has been sent to Linus
From said:
> There are interesting applications we'll start to see when UML is
> more widely available, such as simulation of clusters, or 'Linux
> Bubbles' under Windows.

Yeah, there are a ton of interesting possibilities which I have probably not
done enough to publicize.

> I think you've done a great job maintaining UML out-of-tree


> for more than a year, with very little assistance,

UML is approaching three years old (I started hacking in Feb 1998;
the first public sign of it was the following June).

> and I hope you won't have to shoulder that extra burden much longer.

Yeah, one can hope :-)

I'm currently banging on bugs and residual missing functionality. When I
think that's all done, that will be what I call UML V1.0 and I will send
it to Marcelo. At that point, the out-of-tree phase of UML will be over. said:
> uml has been a very valuable tool for me to both learn kernel
> programming

That's why I originally wrote it...

> and to get kernel programming done. And it's extremely
> cool.
> IMHO it's excellent programming as well.

Thanks, thanks, and thanks!


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