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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH] unchecked request_region's in drivers/net
Hi Andreas.

>> Can I suggest an alternative: Retain the MAINTAINERS file as it
>> currently is, but add a PATCHES-TO file in each subdirectory that
>> states how to handle patches relating to that directory, and have
>> these files follow a strict format, possibly...
>> ===8<=== CUT ===>8===
>> HomeDir = linux/subsystem/
>> List =
>> Maintainer = Guess Who <>
>> Watch * = Interested <>
>> Watch PATCHES-TO = John Doa <>
>> ===8<=== CUT ===>8===
>> WATCH filespec = name <email-address>
>> Specifies that the email address specified is also
>> interested in patches relating to the specified
>> files, and should be CC'd patches relating to just
>> the files specified. Files of interest are selected
>> using ls style wildcards. Can be repeated as often
>> as required for either the same or different files.
>> The filespec can not contain / characters, and only
>> matches files in the current directory.

> I'd rather just skip the WATCH part entirely (or limit it to people
> already in the MAINTAINERS list).

That's a policy decision for the maintainers to make.

> If someone is interested in part of the code, they can subscribe to
> the mailing list.

What if there isn't a mailing list for that part of the code and they
can't handle the volume on L-K ???

> Also, if the PATCHES-TO file already lives in a particular
> subdirectory, I don't see the benefit of HomeDir, except to
> increase the maintenance work.

Basically, it confirms that you're looking at the right PATCHES-TO file.

Best wishes from Riley.

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