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SubjectRe: zImage not supported for 2.2.20?
At 16:32 28/12/01 +0200, Petri Kaukasoina wrote:
>Hi, I used to make zImages, but for no specific reason. The last working
>version was 2.2.20pre3. 2.2.20pre5 gave Out of memory -- System halted. I
>reported it a few months ago:
>This was the only change then that looks like it:
>o Add support for the 2.4 boot extensions to 2.2 (H Peter Anvin)

So it looks like this is a real issue, and it's been tracked down to somewhere
between 2.2.20pre3 and 2.2.20pre5.

Unfortunately, I need to use zImage on my Tecra. I know that zImage is
old, and I've heard that support for it will eventually be withdrawn, but I
don't really have much alternative right now unless there is a patch which
works around the Tecra's buggy A20 handling.

Does anyone know the status of zImage format in modern kernels?
Is it _supposed_ to be supported under 2.2.recent? How about 2.4.recent?

I guess that, if zImage is supposed to be supported, then I have a genuine
bug. However, if zImage support has officially been dropped, then it's a
matter - in this case, the only bug would be that the Makefile should issue a
sensible message when you try to "make zImage" rather than producing a kernel
that won't work.


Roy Hills

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