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SubjectRe: Sound issues with kernel 2.4.14 - 2.4.17
Paul G. Allen wrote:

> Sound worked fine through kernel 2.4.9. Since I upgraded to 2.4.14, and
> now to 2.4.17 (I skipped 2.4.10 - 2.4.13) I have several games that are
> FUBAR, all sound related: Quake III Arena and Quake II both core dump
> initializing sound; Soldier of Fortune, Railroad Tycoon II, Sid Myers
> Alpha Centaury all make strange noises with no intelligable game sound.
> Tribes 2, Unreal Tournament, and Descent 3 all work fine. GNOME and
> Enlightenment sound work fine as well, as does xmms.
> I have a SB Live! OEM and have tried compiling with and without the MIDI
> module. The main thing is I am trying to do some game development and
> it's impossible when sound is FUBAR. Any ideas?
> I hate to go back to an earlier kernel as IDE did not work (for me) in
> the previous kernels.


I ran into a similar problem:
Upgraded from 2.4.5 to 2.4.14 and added some RAM (total 1GB now). When not using
HIHGMEM_4GB, ~180MB of the RAM was missing. With HIGHMEM_4GB enabled, sound
was totally trashed (I also had the segfaulting Quake3Arena).

The SBLive uses the "emu10k1"-driver - and the driver that came with 2.4.14 was
broken if used with "HIGHMEM" enabled. W/o this, the sound had no problems. Rui
Sousa made it working with HIGMEM enabled. (But sometimes, especially with very
little free RAM left the sound is still broken )

Have you tried the latest snapshot from ?
I've taken a look into the kernel-patches (I'm still at 2.4.14 - will upgrade to
2.4.17 when SGI's XFS is ready for thet kernel), and there were no
version-changes in the driver.

How to do it (very short):
Unzip and untar, cd into "emu10k1_<date>" and do "make && make install"
(maybe save the old from "/lib/modules/<kernel-version>/kernel/drivers/sound"
and "sound/emu10k1" before...) Remove your loaded "emu10k1" and "ac97_codec"
modules (don't forget this), load the new and test it.

There are some more nice features within Creatives "official" drivers (such as
bass/treble control)...



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