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SubjectRe: [linux-usb-devel] [PATCH] current state of the 2.5.1 USB tree
> A patch against a clean 2.5.1 tree is at:
> This patch contains 5 new USB drivers (stv680, vidcam, ipaq, kl5kusb105,
> and the usb 2.0 ehci-hcd driver), documentation for all of these new
> drivers, a rewrite of usbdevfs/usbfs, and lots of other smaller fixes
> and changes.

By the way -- if folk need to see EHCI (60 MByte/sec USB) on 2.4,
drop a line. The code is in CVS, and clearly most of that development
was done on the 2.4 kernel. A number of folk are using that code with
success on those highspeed USB storage devices.

But most of the USB 2.0 work will be done in the 2.5 tree, so that's
going to be the place to watch!

- Dave

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