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SubjectRe: editorial policy
On Saturday 22 December 2001 17:14, Vojtech Pavlik wrote:
> The only problem is that M = 10^6 plus Mi = 2^20 don't cover the usages ...
> 4Mbit bandwidth is usually 4 * 10^3 * 2^10 bits per second.
> 20GB harddrive is usually 20 * 10^6 * 2^10 bytes.
> The confusion is there. It can't be erradicated by adding Mi's and Gi's,
> because they don't cover the whole spectrum.
Please, please dont add more confusion.. Fortunatly people how sell harddisk
and bandwidth are both very consistent.
4Mbit bandwith IS always 4 x 10^9 bits per second
20GB harddrive IS always 20 x 10^20 bytes.

The confusion starts by saying a Mbit is only 1000 Kbit.. Well it is but the
Kbit here is 1000bit/s
And a GB is only 1000,000 kB, but these kB is only 1000 bytes.

Dont confuse the matter anymore, I am sure someone does, but they are wrong!

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