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SubjectRe: The direction linux is taking
Dave Jones writes:
> On Thu, 27 Dec 2001, Richard Gooch wrote:
> > So you just do what Linus does: delete those questions without
> > replying. No matter what system you use, if you want to avoid an
> > overflowing mailbox, you either have to silently drop patches, and/or
> > silently drop questions/requests/begging letters. There isn't really
> > much difference between the two.
> just a sidenote:
> Patches cc'd to linux-kernel instead of just to Alan/Marcelo/Linus are
> also far more likely to be 'rediscovered' sometime, bringing up
> "why wasn't this merged?" mails when perhaps the time is better for
> $maintainer to merge.

Sure, although I post to l-k a URL and ChangeLog, and separately send
to Linus/Marcelo the actual patch. People grumble when I send kiB's
(or even kB's :-) to the list.


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