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SubjectRe: Who fixed via82cxxx_audio.c ?
Nicholas Knight schrieb:
> Several months back, I started trying to get the via82cxxx_audio.c
> sound driver fixed, it was causing lockup problems whenever something
> opened and/or used the mixer. A similar route was taken as I took with
> the Athlon optimization problems, trying to get everyone to send as
> much information as possible on their cards using this driver. This
> never really led anywhere, and the only information gleaned was that
> dropping buffers down to extremely low levels helped in some cases, but
> not all, and didn't always completely fix it.
> After 2.4.10 was released, I stopped updating my kernel for a variety
> of reasons (less time spent in linux, long story.) However a while back
> I updated to 2.4.16, and decided to load XMMS just for the hell of it,
> not 5 minutes ago. To my delight, the problem is completely solved. I
> checked all the changelogs from 2.4.10 to now, and the only mention I
> found searching for "97" (ac97 codec is used) and "via82" was in the
> 2.4.*17* changelog, saying Jeff was no longer the maintainer.
> I'd like to know who managed to find and fix the underlying cause, so I
> can both thank them, and find out what the heck this problem that
> plagued me for many months was.

I would check the ChangeLog of the audio driver, since the
hardware access to the ac97 mixer is done there.

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