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SubjectRe: @Linus, Marcello, (Alan?) (regards sisfb)

Hi again.

I just finished an update for the new sisfb driver which is available

The update was necessary for making sisfb co-operate better with the new
X driver.

Feedback welcome.


Thomas Winischhofer wrote:
> Hi, as you might know, the sisfb driver did not work correctly on
> systems with SiS630 and LCD panels, i.e laptops. The problem was the
> type of video bridge used, which is LVDS in most cases.
> The current driver contained in the kernel can't even work in theory,
> because
> 1) the tables that should have contained necessary data for refresh and
> timing were empty, and
> 2) this data depends on the type of LCD panels attached and is not the
> same on all machines.
> So, the whole theory with this driver is a failure.
> I therefore re-wrote (and commented) the sisfb driver to read out the
> BIOS data, instead of its very own tables. On non-SiS630 or non-LVDS
> systems, the old code is used.
> From the feedback I got, I know that the driver is working in about 50%
> of the SiS630-LVDS-machines out there, depending on what revision of the
> SiS630 and LCD panel being used. This is 50% more than before!
> The driver has been tested on systems without a video bridge as well
> (ie. desktop machines) and it works there as well. This means I didn't
> break it for other configurations.
> The dark side: The driver is - when used on SiS630 and LVDS - not
> LinuxBIOS-capable (because it depends on data stored in the SiS-BIOS)
> Are you willing to include the new driver in the kernel?
> It's available here: <old link, outdated - see above>
> I have not made a patch, because this patch would be about as twice as
> huge than the whole code. But if you insist, I could make a patch as
> well. The code is based on 2.4.16. AFAIK there were no changes to sisfb
> up to current 17-rc2. The archive is to be extracted over the existing
> code while in /usr/src/linux/drivers/video/sis/
> Thomas

Thomas Winischhofer
Vienna/Austria ***
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