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SubjectRe: file names ?
On Tuesday 25 December 2001 12:41 pm, Ryan Cumming wrote:
> On December 25, 2001 12:25, James Stevenson wrote:
> > a small example is a smallish ext2 / filesystem
> > and the rest being a fat filesystem to that
> > it can be accessed from both windows and linux.
> > and there is not enough space on the ext2 to compile a kernel
> > anymore.
> Case-insensitivity is not your only problem. 'ln -s' is used multiple
> times during the kernel build process, I'd like to see a FAT
> filesystem try to handle that. I haven't checked, but the compile
> might also depend on the executable bit actually working, and being
> able to rename and unlink files in use. Even with filenames that do
> not collide in a case-insensitive namespace, the build will fail.
> The kernel compile requires a POSIX filesystem, which is a completely
> sane demand. I'd go as far as saying that all 'real' filesystems are
> POSIX compliant, and that non-POSIX filesystems should only be used
> for simple data file storage.

Actually there should be *no* problem at all. Just enable UMSDOS and
the UMSDOS filesystem will take care of ensuring that the FAT
filesystem supports the links, and the same filenames. Just don't try
to extract the files anywhere but in Linux with UMSDOS enabled.

Err, and don't run scandisk or anything similar on the drives while in
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