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SubjectRe: Changing KB, MB, and GB to KiB, MiB, and GiB in

> > This change came as a patch from David Woodhouse. I think the new
> > abbreviations are awful ugly, myself, but they do have the virtue of
> > not being ambiguous. So I swallowed hard and took the patch.
> >
> This could even have the nice side effect of teaching something to Linux
> newbies (mainly the fact that the difference between 2^10 and 10^3
> matters in some areas). I see 2 cases :
> - already encountered the kiB/MiB/GiB notation and understood the
> meaning: no problem if we take out of the equation the aesthetic of the
> abreviations.

Heh, is it kiB or KiB? Anyway, I guess yes MiB units should be used.
We already have them in dmesg output. (And btw it confused me because
it reported *disk size* in MiB.... So I assumed MiB must be 10e6).

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