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SubjectRe: file corruption in 2.4.16/17
Christian Ohm wrote:

>>ReiserFS does not have a problem with large hard drives. If you crash
>>while writing a file, you can damage it. Not sure if that is your
>>problem, but maybe.
>no just using it normally, copying files from the old to the new drive,
>running apt-get dist-upgrade etc., and then, some files contain garbage.
>only on reiserfs partitions (i copied about 3gb reiserfs to reiserfs and
>about 15gb fat32 to fat32, both under linux), and seemingly random... as i
>said, the file system looks good (right filesize etc.), the files just
>contain garbage. so i think the contents of the files gets corrupted, and
>not the file system entries for them. as for the reason why, i have no idea
>bye & merry christmas
>christian ohm
So if I understand right, Andre Hedrick thinks it might be whatever
driver is in the 2.4.16 kernel?

(There are several ways to read his email.)

If you can reproduce it for 2.4.17 we will eagerly debug it.



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