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SubjectRe: <=2.4.17 deadlock (RedHat 7.2, SMP, ext3 related?) (2)
From: "Frank van Maarseveen" <>
> 0xc03fe0b1 <stext_lock+7289>: cmpb $0x0,0xc05dd400
> 0xc03fe0b8 <stext_lock+7296>: repz nop
> 0xc03fe0ba <stext_lock+7298>: jle 0xc03fe0b1 <stext_lock+7289>
> 0xc03fe0bc <stext_lock+7300>: jmp 0xc013fde0 <get_chrfops+240>

I assume 0xd05dd400 is kernel_flag.

> 0xc0403068 <stext_lock+27696>: cmpb $0x0,0xc057d540
> 0xc040306f <stext_lock+27703>: repz nop
> 0xc0403071 <stext_lock+27705>: jle 0xc0403068 <stext_lock+27696>
> 0xc0403073 <stext_lock+27707>: jmp 0xc0292df0 <ppp_destroy_interface+68>

And 0xc057d540 is all_ppp_lock.

The only obvious abuse is that both ppp_destroy_interface and ppp_create_interface
call rtnl_lock (that's a semaphore) with the spinlock acquired.


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