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SubjectRe: Maybe I have a bad day or something
This has been my expereince.  Every question I ever ask goes unanswered.

> I'd like to share with all subscribers my experience with my first year on
> this list.
> Posting questions here is fruitless. They are offtopic by definition.
> Who fscking care that I am trying to debug a kernel problem and my first
> ksymoops compilation went astray? (I discovered that ksymoops needs bfd lib
> from binutils a month later). We need no stinking decoded oops!
> And we never were newbies, we were born with Linux in our blood!
> Well, maybe the list is useful for bug reports? Maybe, here is an example:
> >> BTW, don't go for 2.4.x, x>10. initrd is broken there and is still unfixed.
> >Bullshit.
> I've done a damn good investigation on that, I compiled over a dozen kernels
> for that, I *know* where is the bug, I don't just moaning! Response: either
> deafening silence or this "warm and encouraging" reply. We need no stinking
> details of your problems.
> You may think that this list is for patches. Well, partly.
> Patches submitted here are ignored 50% of times. What's the use in explaining
> to poster why patch is bad and how to improve it? He's expected to read minds
> from distance. Or maybe we need no stinking new hackers, old boys are enough?
> What this list is good for? I'll tell ya:
> a) for discussions about proper name and abbreviation of kilobyte.
> Oh, now I know how many _true _coders_ are there!
> Just count that "KB/KiB" subj line in your lkml mail folder.
> b) for telling patch authors that their patch should NOT be applied.
> ("Why we should turn off those bits in VIA chipset? They're documented
> as 'debug, dont touch'". Who cares that with those bits set to 1
> Athlons are oopsing like crazy.) It's so much easier to flame
> that to _make_ patches, isn't it?
> Ok, enough. Steam pressure is much lower now :-)
> I wish in 2002 lkml signal/noise ratio to be much higher.
> How about putting that in standard lkml sig:
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> OTOH, I must say that there are quite some good people there
> I want to say "Thank you! Great coding!" to:
> Linus, Alan Cox, Marcelo Tosatti (kernel maintenance)
> (what about bug/patch tracking system, leaders?
> it's sad to see good patches dropped and longstanding
> bugs unaddressed)
> Andrea Arcangeli (VM)
> Robert Love (preemption)
> Richard Gooch (devfs)
> Trond Myklebust (nfs)
> Al Viro (fs)
> (but could you _please_ be less agressive Al? Your comments are useful,
> but your emotions are always negative! What we have done to you?)
> I don't remember all of you, definitely this list must be longer...
> Happy New Year to everyone.
> --
> vda
> -
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Lab tests show that use of micro$oft causes cancer in lab animals
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