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SubjectRe: Maybe I have a bad day or something
response to questions does vary drasticly, I've been reading the list for
almost 5 years now and while I seldom post most of the time I get an
immediate response (unfortunantly sometimes I can't folow up immediatly
with the requested info). When I don't get a response for a few days I try
to get more detail on the problem and repost, eventually I do get some

one thing to remember about posting here. if you get a response that is
just wrong, argue back, point out why it's wrong. Everyone on this list
(up to and including Linus) makes mistakes and dismisses stuff to quickly
at times. some questions get asked frequently enough that they have a
canned answer (useing binary only modules and reporting a bug for example)
but most of the time there is a real answer eventually.

David Lang

On Mon, 24 Dec 2001, Matthew Johnson wrote:

> Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2001 08:11:28 -0800
> From: Matthew Johnson <>
> To:
> Subject: Re: Maybe I have a bad day or something
> On Monday 24 December 2001 06:23 am, Pat Villani wrote:
> > You're not alone. Frankly, I just skim the subjects and some messages to
> > figure out whether or not to read further.
> >
> > Don't get discouraged. There are way more readers who don't post than the
> > vocal minority who whine about coding styles or why Linus didn't pick up
> > their patch. I found this out a while ago. I wrote the original FreeDOS
> > code and ran into this constantly. I admire Linus for not letting it get
> > him down; it did for me. I eventually quit the project altogether,
> > disgusted with the bozos.
> >
> I am one of those readers that don't post, well to now. I don't want to make
> a fool out of myself, plus nothing yet has really piqued my interest and I
> never went to University to do CS or CE, played too much Rugby instead (but I
> want to go sometime perhaps), so my prgramming really is not up to scratch
> yet. Perhaps this is reflected on others too. Not above beta testing of
> course.
> Whining occurs pretty much everywhere, not just here. As this is an open and
> free development perhaps people feel free to be a little less professional in
> their words, rather than just reporting facts. Linus seems to be very Hobbit
> like, very humble indeed. Only Linus probably knows why it does not seem to
> get him down.
> > Well, I know I'm going to get flames on this one. That's OK, it'll keep me
> > warm this Christmas. May everyone have a safe and happy Holiday Season.
> >
> Nope, they may let you freeze instead. Happy Christmas and New Year to
> everyone, may 2002 be very much more successful than 2001. 2001 was probably
> jinxed due to Arthur C Clark anyway...
> > Pat
> Matt
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