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SubjectRe: AMD SC410 boot problems with recent kernels
Followup to:  <Pine.LNX.4.33.0112231009500.10528-100000@callisto.local>
By author: Robert Schwebel <>
In newsgroup:
> Could you elaborate why you think that the old code worked only by
> accident? [please be patient - I'm no native speaker and it may be that I
> do sometimes not understand everything correctly. I'm trying hard.] As I
> said above: before I do not understand _why_ the new code breaks it's
> rather difficult to draw conclusions.
> If the board is really _broken_ I have no problem with the fact that in
> the future the manufacturer has either to supply a correct BIOS or a
> workaround patch has to be used. If it's only uggly that there's no BIOS
> routine it would IMHO be better to find a way to make it work again. There
> are fixes for other uggly architectures in the code as well, see the
> Toshiba Laptop reference. If the board may be PC compatible, Linux should
> IMHO boot without further changes.

The weird part about your board is that the code clearly *works*, or
your kernel wouldn't boot at all. It somehow poisons the system,
though, and that's utterly bizarre.

I don't think this is debuggable without access to hardware (and maybe
not even then.)

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"Unix gives you enough rope to shoot yourself in the foot." <>
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