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SubjectRe: editorial policy
    After reading this longish thread, or waste of bandwidth as you may look
at it, I wonder if people have realized how familiar this entire argument
is. Seams like we have another bunch of elitist snobs trying to tell the
common folk what is or isn't standard. Wasn't that long ago that teachers
were punishing students for using the word "ain't" because it wasn't
standard Engish despite it being used by virtually everyone else out in the
real world. Now last I heard a few years back, from an Engish teacher at
that, was that "ain't" was now fully allowed. Guess it became standard.
Perhaps some people should come off of their high horse and hang around with
the common people for a bit. For virtually everybody, including my grandma,
KB == kilobytes, MB == megabytes, and GB == Gigabytes. Memory-wise, at
least, kilos == 1024, Megas == 1024 * 1024. And as far as network speeds
I've always seen Kbits, Mbits, or Gbits (with lowercase or uppercase 'B').
For all practical purposes its always been like that. And while computers
haven't been around for ages yet its been around long enougth that the new
standards complient kernel source will be out of sync with the countless
amounts of documentation (of all kinds) out there as well as the standard
operating procedure in the real world.

Now aren't there better things to do in the world rather that going
around confusing and chastizing people with more talk of "Kibbles and Bits"
and "Men In Black". Not that pointless flamewars aren't always fun.

I already gotta put up with Python just to configure my kernel, now
this, and I read he's going after my symbols next.

Sorry if this seams a bit terse (I did tone it down a lot), however I
was hoping to get some help debugging my lockup problem on the VP6 instead
of corrections from language nannies informing me that the common folk and I
have been speaking and writing incorrectly all this time. Yes baby, there
is such a thing as a kiwibit.
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