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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Scalable page cache - take two


> This is the second mutation of the scalable page cache patch. It:

I ran the dbench test over it just to annoy Andrew:

This is the still 12 way ppc64, the results are similar to the last
test. It confirms that the current pagecache locking is a bottleneck
for larger SMP machines.

We quickly hit the following spinlocks with the pagecache lock out of
the way:

ext2_get_block: BKL
refile_buffer: lru_list_lock
remove_from_queues: lru_list_lock
try_to_free_buffers: lru_list_lock
d_lookup: dcache_lock
ext2_discard_prealloc: BKL

Is someone working on removing the BKL from ext2 in 2.5?

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