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SubjectRe: Changing KB, MB, and GB to KiB, MiB, and GiB in
On Sat, Dec 22, 2001 at 11:24:17AM +0100, Pozsar Balazs wrote:

| Please NO NO NO NO!!
| Why on earth is it good to develop misunderstandings and inconsistency
| with well- and widely-known historical abbrevs?
| I (and I think I'm far not alone) would hate to see those abbrevs. I
| really don't want to vomit every time I read or an
| ifconfig output.
| This is a 3-year old decision, and haven't seen it in use anywhere before.
| If this knew style would be the common use in IT, then this change is OK.
| But _not_ now. (and hopefully never).
| So may I suggest considering this change a few years later, _if_ it comes
| into common use?

I can understand your point about not jumping into something that will turn
out (possibly) to be a big flop and cause new confusion. However, I'd like
to point out that any new idea will _never_ become adopted if everyone takes
the position of "I'm not going to do it until most everyone else does first".

If this is going to be the common usage, I believe we need to be the lead on
this and do it. The question is, how can we determine if it will be common
_before_ anyone else takes the lead to make it be so.

| Phil Howard - KA9WGN | Dallas | |
| | Texas, USA | |
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