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SubjectRe: Concerning a driver rewrite (NOT THE KERNEL)
Thank you in advance Alan. I would appreciate it.

> You driver also seems to be assuming the sound
> driver has initialised the codec bus and codecs.) How could I fix it if
> sound codec is not initialised so that the modem codec could initialised
> the codec bus and codecs?

As far as I can tell from a scan of the docs you need the drivers to
co-operate because if that isn't done if the modem driver inits the AC97
then it will break running audio (and vice versa). The sound driver also
has the interrupt line and status handling so that appears to need to
become shared code - or with the sound driver calling out to the modem

My i810 board doesn't have a modem or an AMR slot but I can certainly help
integrate the pieces. Right now Doug Ledford is doing major reworking on
the i810 driver (and having tried to fix audio bugs in that before I
really appreciate him taking on that battle) but after that I'm happy to
give you a hand

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