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SubjectRe: editorial policy
On Friday 21 December 2001 01:40 pm, Eric S. Raymond wrote:
> David Garfield <>:
> > Eric S. Raymond writes:

> > Choice of kB vs KB vs KiB vs KKB could also be used in some places in
> > the kernel. For instance, /proc/meminfo currently shows "kB".
> What, and *encourage* non-uniform terminology? No, I won't do that.
> Better to have a single standard set of abbreviations, no matter how
> ugly, than this.

find . -name "*.?" | xargs grep MiB | wc
46 lines, half of which seem to live in "jedec_probe.c".

find . -name "*.?" | xargs grep -w MB | wc
302 lines. And that's just upper case, whole word, not "MBs" or "Mb" or
any other fun little variation...

find . -name "*.?" | xargs grep -i MEGABYTE | wc
31 lines.

find . -name "*.?" | xargs grep -i MEBIBYTE | wc
1 line, and it's a comment saying it's NOT being used (along with one
of the MiB hits).

If you're going with a uniform terminology argument, you should drop MiB
altogether. Unless you want to submit a patch to the kernel to standardize
all the other occurences everywhere else? :)

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