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SubjectRe: Booting a modular kernel through a multiple streams file
Dave Cinege wrote:

> I've patched GRUB to support loading the mutiple images. It would also
> be supported in syslinux, if you choose to implement it. Months
> ago when I asked you to implement it, you told me the idea was
> stupid. : P I will never let you forget this myopia. : >

Holding a grudge, eh? How very mature of you.

Seriously, I made it very clear at the time that I thought supporting
*multiple ramdisks* were a stupid idea. Perhaps you misunderstood, but
I was talking about what some people had been requesting of loading a
filesystem into /dev/ram0, another filesystem into /dev/ram1, etc.,
including waiting for a disk replacement in between. Doing that in the
bootloader is just idiotic, for the same reason all the crap in the
current kernel is equally stupid (although forgivable for historical

The reason to support uncompressed images -- as well as gaps between
images -- is to let synthesis happen in the bootloader. For example,
some people have requested passing the PXE configuration packets to the
kernel, which currently is all but impossible. Presenting them as files
in the initramfs is the natural way to do it.

Viros changes are drastic, no question about it, but dismissing them as
"disaster" without further motivation is a bloody awfully arrogant.


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