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SubjectRe: Consistant complete deadlock with kernel 2.4.16 on an Abit VP6 with dual 1 Gig CPUs and an ICP GDT RAID card
    Did the two debugging steps listed below.  Tried the nmi_watchdog=1 and
also the kdb debugger. Unfortunately neither debugging feature gave me any
results. When the machine locks up the result is total. The nmi_watchdog
does not produce any output (after the lockup) and the kdb debugger fails to
load up when pressing the pause key (after the lockup). I suppose this is
indicating a hardware issue. However as I said before my burning test under
FreeBSD was successful. No machine lockup. And the last test (under
FreeBSD) burned in for two days. I also tried removing a processor. Just
as with the non-smp kernel, the lockup did not occur. Tried single
processor mode with each processor, both were successful. Also gave
2.2.17-rc2 a try, just in case. Same result. As it stands looks like I'm
still in the same boat. 8-( Anything else I can do to debug this issue?

By the way. Are people: Successfully using the Abit VP6 motherboard
under Linux? Successfully using the ICP GDT7528RN raid controller under
Linux in an SMP system? Successfully using an ICP GDT7528RN on a Abit VP6

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From: "Keith Owens" <>
To: "T. A." <>
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Sent: Thursday, December 20, 2001 9:10 AM
Subject: Re: Consistant complete deadlock with kernel 2.4.16 on an Abit VP6
with dual 1 Gig CPUs and an ICP GDT RAID card

> On Wed, 19 Dec 2001 16:22:47 -0500,
> "T. A." <> wrote:
> > Anyone know how I could debug the cause of this problem? Machine
> >deadlocks. Not even an Ooops so I'm short on ideas on how to track the
> >problem down. Please help. 8-( My new SMP system sucks on Linux. 8-(
> Compile for SMP and boot with nmi_watchdog=1. If the problem is
> hardware that will not help. If the problem is a software loop in
> kernel space (much more likely) then the nmi watchdog will trip after 5
> seconds.
> You might also find the kernel debugger to be useful,
> See Documentation/kdb
> for man pages. Using the pause key on a PC keyboard or control-A on a
> serial console will drop into kdb, unless the kernel has stopped
> processing interuupts, in which case the nmi watchdog should trip and
> drop you into kdb.
> For all low level debugging, I strongly recommend a serial console so
> you can capture the output on another system, see
> Documentation/serial-console.txt.
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