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SubjectRe: Changing KB, MB, and GB to KiB, MiB, and GiB in
Mike Eldridge wrote:

> i have seen kB instead of KB in many places. and the only place i've
> ever seen kilo abbreviated as K has been with respect to binary.
>>[however I've never seen 'Kg' instead of 'kg', but 'mB' or 'mb' are ugly
>>when compared with 'Mb' and 'MB', not counting that 'b' is bit and 'B' is
>>byte ... well ... it's confusing sometimes ...]
> i was going to comment about simply using lowercase equivalents, but
> then milli already has 'm', although the concept of a millibyte (or even
> millibit) is absurd.

Why? For instance a millibyte/s might be a hearbeat across a LAN every
hour or so or it might be a control traffic requirement for a deep space
probe. You might not have an immediate use for the term but it has a
specific meaning - and certainly isn't "absurd" (see definition on

Engineers not (yet) being familiar with the relatively new SI (and IEEE)
binary prefixes is just about acceptable. "Engineers" that misuse k/K
and (worse!) m/M should be in a different field entirely. The SI system
is generally taught as basic science to pre-teenagers. There is no


P.S. Merry Christmas / Mid winter festival / whatever you choose
to celebrate :-)

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