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SubjectRe: Changing KB, MB, and GB to KiB, MiB, and GiB in
 Mike Jagdis wrote:

> Rene Engelhard wrote:
>> Christian Groessler wrote:
>>> So, is it 1/1024 or 1/1000 bytes ? :-)
>> 1/1024. Because we are talking about byte.
> Bollocks. How can I put this politely? Don't anyone ever send me
> a CV unless you know the technical basics!

OK, I answered to fast, not reading the mails correct and without
Surely, millibytes does not make any sense...

> Go look up "SI binary prefix" and "SI prefix" on Google. You might
> not _like_ the binary prefixes (I don't either) but they're what's
> been standardized and they're unambiguous. It does no good to claim
> that it's enough that *you* know what you mean. This isn't Alice in
> Wonderland (you can look that reference up in your spare time :-) ).

A long time ago the MB was under computer scientiests defined as 1024 KB ans
we had used it it one or two decades. Then the hardware manufactures started
to call 1 MB = 1000 MB and that's shit.

I know this problem, I also know the problem, that is gonna be confusing.
I do not insist to change it but I think it is better to make clear what is
defined as 1000 or 1024 insted using MB for both.

> P.S. After you've understood the SI system you should be able to
> tell us what the binary prefix equivalent for m is and why K as
> a prefix is a mark of stupidity...

Have I said that?

Then I apopolgize. Otherwise I read the mail I replied not as careful as I
should and I talked at this moment whitch someone so I was not as
concentraded as I had to...


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