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SubjectRe: APM driver patch summary
I wrote:
Here is an updated list of the patches:
1. Notify listener of suspend before drivers (Russell King, me)
2. Fix idle handling (Andreas Steinmetz)
3. Control apm idle calling by runtime parameter (Andrej Borsenkow)
4. Detect failure to stop CPU on apm idle call (Andrej Borsenkow)

I have just tried to combine these and I have run into trouble.
Patch 4 applies on top of patch 3, but neither of these applies
on top of patch 2. Can you guys sort these out into one big
"fix idle calling" patch that includes a runtime parameter
to control idle calling, which overrides a default selected
either by CONFIG_APM_CPU_IDLE or by a bit of code that checks
for CPU stoppage?

Or has someone already done this?

The latest Russell King (modified by me) patch is now at:

Thomas Hood

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