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SubjectRe: cerberus on 2.4.17-rc2 UP

Can you please run Cerberus again and give me more information ?

I want Alt+SysRQ+T, Alt+SysRQ+M and Alt+SysRQ+P output.

If those keys simply print the sysrq header, please try Alt+SysRQ+8 then
the above again.


On Thu, 20 Dec 2001, marc. h. wrote:

> I tried out the latest cerberus from
> on a UP redhat-7.2 box. I ran the
> standard non-destructive RedHat tests.
> It ran for about 14 hours and then became unresponsive.. machine still ping'ed
> , I could switch VC's scroll up on console, but that's it. Could not log in,
> etc.. Another point is that the hard drive light remained on but it was not
> seeking, it seemed dead silent.

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