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SubjectRe: Scheduler ( was: Just a second ) ...
On Tuesday 18 December 2001 01:27 pm, Doug Ledford wrote:

> Weel, evidently esd and artsd both do this (well, I assume esd does now, it
> didn't do this in the past). Basically, they both transmit silence over
> the sound chip when nothing else is going on. So even though you don't
> hear anything, the same sound output DMA is taking place. That avoids

THAT explains it.

My Dell Inspiron 3500 laptop's built-in sound (NeoMagic MagicMedia 256 AV,
uses ad1848 module) works fine when I first boot the sucker, but looses its
marbles after an APM suspend and stops receiving interrupts. (Extensive
poking around with setpci has so far failed to get it working again, but on a
shutdown and restart the bios sets it up fine. Not a clue what's up there.
The bios and module agree it's using IRQ 7, but lspci insists it's IRQ 11,
both before and after apm suspend. Boggle.)

I was confused for a while about how exactly it was failing because KDE and
mpg123 from the command line fail in different ways. mpg123 will play the
same half-second clip in a loop (ahah! no interrupt!), but sound in kde just
vanishes and I get silence and hung apps whenever I try to launch anything.

The clue is that it doesn't always fail when I suspend it without having X
up. Translation: maybe the sound card's getting hosed by being open and in
use on APM shutdown!

Hmmm... I should poke at this over the weekend...

(Nope, not a new problem. My laptop's sound has been like this since at
least 2.4.4, which I think was the first version I installed on the box. But
it's still annoying, I can go weeks without a true reboot 'cause I have a
zillion konqueror windows and such open. I have to clear my desktop to get
sound working again for a few hours. Obnoxious...)

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