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SubjectQuestion on sys_readahead()
I have a question on sys_readahead and would appreciate 
some hint or a pointer.

- When was this call added?

- As far as i understand the code it reads the data into
the page cache. The data is ready sync and there is no
way to do this async and have a notification unless using
a separate thread.

A typical use i could see is preloading some data in the
page cache from a separate thread (eg. for a media player).

BTW: AFAICS the code is off by one if offset/count is not in
PAGE_SIZE chunks?

unsigned long start = offset >> PAGE_CACHE_SHIFT;
unsigned long len = (count + ((long)offset & ~PAGE_CACHE_MASK)) >> PAGE_CACHE_SHIFT;


Michael Marxmeier Marxmeier Software AG
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Phone : +49 202 2431440 42285 Wuppertal, Germany
Fax : +49 202 2431420
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